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Surface Recovery Image Download

If you’re having trouble with the recovery options on your Surface, you’ll need to download these files to get it working again.


Before you start

Your Surface comes with Windows recovery info that you can use to refresh your Surface or reset it to its factory condition. Always try to do that first before downloading a recovery image.

To learn more, see the links below:

◉ For Surface Hub 2S, see Reset and recovery for Surface Hub 2S and review Known Issues list before updating to Windows 10 Team 2020.

◉ For Surface Duo, see Reset Surface Duo to factory settings.

◉ For Windows Dev Kit 2023, see Overview & Set up and review Device set up.

◉ For all other Surface devices, see Restore or reset Surface for Windows.

What you need

To download the recovery image, you’ll need a USB drive.

◉ For most Surface models, your USB drive should be at least 16 GB.

◉ For Surface RT and Surface 2, your USB drive should be at least 8 GB in size.

Before you download a recovery image, format your USB drive to FAT32.


Select your Surface

For a personalized image download, you must select a product and enter a serial number.

How to find the serial number can be found here.

You can download the Surface image here.


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