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Surface Pen M1776

Model: EYU-00006

Interfaces: Bluetooth 4.0

Pressure force: 4,096 points

Features: Eraser, Magnetic Mount, Tilt, HB Tip

Quick access apps: OneNote, Cortana, Search

Compatibility: Surface tablets, laptops and all-in-ones, Pen Tip Kit

Weight: 20 g

Colour: Charcoal

Price: 3 499 ₴

New Microsoft Surface Pen

Create without limits

The new Surface Pen is better and faster than ever. With a precision nib on one end and a rubber eraser on the other - plus tilt for shading. With greater sensitivity and virtually no delay.


Surface Pen for Surface Studio, Laptop and Tablet


Be more productive with Ink Editor

Windows OC and Office give the Surface Pen more power than ever. Strikethrough the word to delete, circle the text to highlight with the Ink Editor.

Record with One Note

Taking and managing notes with OneNote just got easier. Do your homework, take notes so you don't lose your ideas, and write out math equations while finding solutions with Ink Math Assistant - everything you need in one place.

Does not require printing

Optimized document editing with digital drawing capability. Use the Surface Pen to annotate and highlight text using the digital ruler to draw lines accurately and clearly.


New Surface Pen with Surface Studio

Natural spelling

The Surface Pen allows for natural writing and is an excellent drawing tool, with precision ink on one end to allow you to now write at an angle, and a handy rubber eraser on the other.

4,096 pressure points

Sketch, shade and paint with artistic precision and more precise control thanks to 4,096 pressure points that are similar to the lightest touch. Working with the Surface Pen is as natural as writing with a pen on paper.

Artist's touch

Easily create your best sketches with expressive line precision with the Surface Pen. Place your hand on the screen of your Suface device by activating the Palm Ignore feature and work as if you were writing on a laptop.



Surface Pen with Surface Dial

Sharing Surface Dial and Pen
With Surface Dial in one hand and Surface Pen in the other, you'll unleash your creativity with easy access to shortcuts, controls, drawing tools, and more. Use directly on the screen with Surface Studio and Surface Pro, and on the screens of other Surface devices.
What's new on Surface
Watch the Surface Pen in action with Windows apps and discover whole new ways to bring your ideas to life.
Innovative Surface Pen
Enjoy an amazing colorful drawing experience on your Surface with the new stylus and the latest apps that currently support artistic shading tilt.

All app Clips icons

Apps for Surface Pen

Adobe Photoshop CC. Create amazing images in Photoshop, unleashing your full potential on your Surface with the new digital stylus and programmable shortcuts on the Surface Dial.
Autodesk Sketchbook. Experience the power of fine art. Designed specifically for stylus and touch input, SketchBook provides a natural drawing experience.
CLIP STUDIO PAINT. Graphics software that gives you the most optimized features for digital drawing and painting, illustration, comics, manga, animation and more.
Expressii. Discover the mysterious world of oriental watercolor and calligraphy with the organic brushstrokes of natural watercolor and pressure-sensitive paint.
Zen brush. Enjoy the feeling of using a brush to paint or paint. With the Surface Pen, anyone can make quick strokes without compromising the actual texture of the brush.
FluidMath. Award-winning educational software that allows teachers and students to create, draw, solve and animate math and physics problems in their own handwriting.


Express yourself with Surface Pen

Choose the color that best expresses your style - Platinum, Black, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue - perfectly compatible with other Surface accessories.

Tech specs
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Device / Accessory: Stylus
Compatibility: Surface 3, Surface Pro 3/4/5/6/7/8, Surface Pro X, Surface Laptop/2/3/4, Surface Laptop Go, Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Duo/2, Surface Go/2/3, Surface Hub 2S, Surface Studio/2, Surface Book/2/3, Pen Tip Kit
Connection: Bluetooth® v. 4.0
Buttons: Side button, Top Button with eraser functionality
Pressure and sencitivity: 4.096 pressure levels, zero force inking
Dimensions: 144 х 9.5 х 10.2 mm
Weight: 20 g
Battery: 1 x AAAA
What's in the box: Stylus with HB tip, battery
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
Color: Charcoal
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