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 Conditions for accepting equipment for repair:

  • The service center reserves the right to refuse warranty repairs in case of non-compliance with the standards for using the device established by the manufacturer, i.e. mechanical damage, failed devices due to power surges, liquid inside, dust, dirt, etc., as well as natural wear and tear of the internal parts of the device - is not a warranty case. It is also not a warranty case - any power supplies (internal or external) that are out of order under any conditions of use by the consumer.
  • This document is filled out by a store representative for subsequent transfer to a service center (hereinafter referred to as "SC"), which describes only the external condition of the device (chips, scratches, dents, etc.). And is it not a description of the internal and actual state of the device, and is not a basis for making claims against the Reader store or its representatives. The actual and final state of the device and the detection of a device malfunction are established only after diagnostics in the SC.
  • When carrying out repairs, the SC is not responsible for the preservation of the software and information that may be on the hard drive.
  • The client must independently ensure the safety of information or order this service to the employees of the SC.
  • The SC is not responsible for the presence of any information in any form and for unlicensed software that may be present on the client's device at the time of its transfer.
  • All responsibility for the available information lies solely with the owner of the device (customer) or the person representing him.
  • The customer, by signing, agrees to the processing of his own personal data and providing access to personal data to third parties in order to provide him with services by the service center.
  • The customer certifies that he received a notification about the inclusion of information about himself in the personal data base and received an explanation about his rights as a subject of personal data in accordance with Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data".
  • In the event of the periodic nature of the occurrence of a malfunction declared by the Customer, the start of work to eliminate it is considered the day the malfunction is discovered by the contractor in the service center.
  • Order fulfillment time is 14 days. In the absence of the necessary spare parts, the repair period may exceed 14 days from the date of acceptance (the day the defect is discovered by the contractor is considered) of the equipment / product for repair, but not more than 90 days.
  • Issuance of equipment is made only after receipt of payment for the work done and spare parts (except for warranty cases).
  • The service center is not responsible for possible loss of data in the device's memory, as well as for left SIM, Flash cards, accessories, etc.
  • The customer (client) by signing agrees and assumes the risks of a possible complete or partial loss of device performance during repair or diagnostics, without further claims against the Reader store, service center or their representatives.
  • The shelf life of the device from the date of readiness is 30 days. After the expiration of the storage period, the service center reserves the right to dispose of the device without accepting claims on it.

Download acceptance certificate for diagnostics/warranty/out of warranty repair: